The vacation mode is on! Summers are here and the list of places to be visit came along. But before you start packing, make sure you are packing the styles trending this season because these days, vacation means – Lots of photographs! And who wants to look same old, same old especially in photographs which are going to publish on S-media. Everyone wants to become FB or Insta sensation and a right piece of outfit is a great add. Here is the list of vacation must-have dresses by OXOLLOXO.

A Pretty Floral Dress –

Flowers and summers are fellows, spending summers without a floral dress, not a good idea. If you are packing-up your vacation bag and leaving your floral dress home, nothing is worse than that but if you don’t have any floral dress in your collection, then this is the time to buy one.

The Wavy Maxi

A basic maxi dress can be a problem on the vacation but a strappy maxi is always gets a “Yes”. So, this is next in our list of styles going for vacation. Wear this one for sea-side lunch sipping your favorite drink and enjoy the sea wave, which will be playing with your hair at the very moment.

The Sexy Slit Dress –

If there is a dinner date in your schedule of the vacation, you need a sexy piece too. A long black dress with slit can easily fill the need. Have this one and do a mix-n-match of classic and laid-back. Make the head turn to your table, effortlessly.

The Printed One-Piece –

Now comes the need of a dress which you can wear while roaming and exploring the place you are visiting. A long dress can be a hurdle and slits will not do well with the high blowing air. At that very moment, what all you need is a printed on midi dress to adapt a traveler look.

The Trendy Off-Shoulder Dress

Off-shoulders are trending high, they fall under summer essentials and if we are talking about a vacation bag which seems incomplete without them. Have this off-shoulder dusty pink piece and look mesmerizing while walking upon the sand. Be free!

Now you have the top five vacation dress, just pack a li’l pouch of accessories and you are all set to win the vacation photograph contest on socials.

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