It is always pure elegant and trendy to mix and match prints and pastels, even more so when you are doing it at Oxolloxo. You can now explore an exquisite collection of African Print fabrics which are intricately crafted to create the striking mesmerising effect you oh so love!

The mix and match is not just trending these days it is very much the RAGE and to celebrate this powerful yet spectacular print – we have different styles you will adore. Whether it is dress, pants, tops, the African Print makes everything look effortlessly fabulous.

The African Print is no longer the “ZOO or ANIMAL print”. We are way more richer & evolved than that and how we at Oxolloxo use this print will refresh your wardrobe. It is time you let your fashion taste do the talking for you and define you as a diva who does not joke with her style. Now would you not want to be defined as such?


– It is really a treat how versatile the African Print is because it goes with practically everything. So why be so restricted? Our Style Champion advises to use every tiny bit of fabric you have lying waste and sew it to make your own garment out of it.

– As luminary this print is try not to go over board and always stick to prints that go together or pastel hues that complement each other. Complete your look with a comfortable pair of heels and see how beautifully they come together.

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