With the heat increasing tremendously, one thing is for sure – summer is here!

At once we are reminded about clothing that we put inside last summer, waiting for the hot days to make a comeback and make our day bright and colorful once again. Most of us immediately picture ourselves on a beach, getting a nice tan and relaxing with our feet dipped in the sea… in stunning beachwear that is. Summer vacation is almost here and it’s time to take a break from routine and have an adventure. Just because we are taking a break from our day to day routine doesn’t mean that we take a break from fashion as well. We at Oxolloxo have put together a beachwear collection with must have Kaftans, including international BonBon beachwear, that are both stylish and versatile for your beach holiday.

At the beach, one can’t imagine not having practical or stylish beachwear to flaunt those curves. Just like tops and dresses, beachwear changes according to fashion trends as well. That is the reason every woman has the right to not just choose a beachwear according to the latest trend but also a beachwear that compliments her physique. Oxolloxo beachwear collection consists of stylishly designed kaftans with lace, floral prints and even maxi dresses with paisley prints to transition you from the beach to a dinner date without needing a change.

Beachwear doesn’t mean only bikinis and no one likes restrictions, depending on what you are doing at the beach. Off course if you are just sitting on the beach and waiting for tan, it’s a different story but if you are someone who likes to travel and explore we are sure then you can’t do that in a bikini alone. For such occasions and fashionistas our BonBon beachwear collection exists.

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