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Summer is a very dynamic season in terms of fashion. In the present scenario, everything goes with it. Be it a full-covered dress or a short one, summer fashion accept all and everything wholeheartedly. Even the color game in the summer has a set of vibrations for every mood & reason. Fashion in summer has a different outlook which carries bright, neutral, and pastel colors as it is not restricted to one or particular thing. Summer brings with it the desire for color, especially bright and fresh shades; even total black lovers sometimes leave black in favor of softer and brighter shades. That’s the reason, the masses are falling in love with summer as it gives them freedom and scope to experiment with their look, and personality and it brings freshness to them.

 There are some timeless combinations for summer houses like crispy white combined with dark navy blue which is classic. Pastels in all their shades  soft pinks, light greens, and sky blues, paired with lots of white, natural-looking wood, rattan, and thin cotton fabrics  come back every summer, too, as they feel intuitively very summery. They are light and bright, just like summer. And with that, we shouldn’t forget bright red. It’s very summery, especially as a color for summer cottages. The bright enhance both indoor and outdoor looks and goes well with all forms of reasons. On the other hand, some people are naturally drawn to very earthy colors muted tones colors in the summer that warm their soul and give them a classy and easy breezy feel. This summer is all dedicated to delicate and bright colors. From makeup to clothing, mixing and alternating all the different nuances, delicate colors are playing a major role this time. From bling occasions to casual occasions, pastel light colors are people’s choice.

No doubt the bright colors still have that sapphire that cannot be neglected. The red, hot pink, green, and blue shades are still summer favorites, the change thing is now people are matching bright silhouettes with light ones. Like the white pants are going great with a satin green shirt, or dark blue pants will complement the off–white or light blue pastel color top. Bright colors are capable of stealing your heart in an instant and will always be. These colors have the power to light your spirits up when you’re feeling down and got no choice but confusion about what to wear. That time the vivid colors always come to the rescue.

Get a striking appearance look by mixing your pastel outfit with brighter contrasting shades. From accessories, and shoes to even bottoms, you can brighten your pastel outfit just the way you want. Make a gentle yet bold choice by mixing a pastel top with a brighter jacket or scarf. And if you are good at experimenting, pair white shoes with bright popping red dress with it and get a perfect look. 

It’s totally not right to say that only pastel tones are the love of this summer season because the bright colors are standing with the delicate tone very nicely and both tones are balancing and complementing each other. So go mix and match, someday with light tones or someday with dark shades, and make an experimental magical fashion statement wherever you go.

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