Well hello divas! It is time for another edition of your style manifesto for this summer and as temperatures soar, your clothing deserves to be a little airier and showing some skin is in not just for pants or dresses anymore.

Look around you and you will notice the gorgeous tops getting trimmed in all sorts of new ways. Indeed you guessed it, this is the season for the Crop Top to make its mark.

The crop top is not just a contemporary style but has beautifully morphed into Indian wear as well as you see them being paired with lehengas and saris even today. Off course how you want the crop top magic to shine depends on whether you opt for an iconic street look or a casual everyday wear. The summer tends to get hotter in India but it is also the ideal time for you to ditch the norm and experiment.

We love that this exotic feminine print takes out all the hard work of mix and matching while enhancing your outfit with a dose of fun! Creating the rage on the street-walks as well as runways this summer, patchwork print is that extraordinaire print that transforms your look instantly. The sartorial perfection of a crop top comes with its effortless styling to transform into numerous looks. So if you were planning to wear a crop top to work even, then the best way to do that is by not showing off too much skin and choosing high-waisted skirt or trousers styled with a solid crop top.


With Temperatures set to remain hot for another few months, our Style Champion suggests to invest in a top that is both breathable and light for a bespoke perfection.

The crop top trend may be enticing you already but if you played your cards right it can also be a big time saver. The next time you put on a crop top, just wear a high-waist anything for an instant thriving persona.


While the crop top maybe the rage this season, it is equally essential to understand the unfortunately the crop top does NOT compliment every body shape. Hence it is important wear and how you choose to wear them.

We understand how the curvy divas my feel the crop top is not for them but our Style Champion strongly begs to differ here. While it is important to choose a crop top that fits you well, it is far more essential to make sure it fits well on the slimmest part of your waist. Do the same while completing your look with skirt, short or pant and it will stun you how beautifully it enhances your curves at all the right spots.

Give your look the perfect summer vibe with Oxolloxo’s Crop Top Manifesto

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