Fashion is like eating you shouldn’t stick to the same menu always, as fashion is very dynamic it keeps evolving, changing from time to time, and give us major fashion goals. Fashion is part of our daily life; it changes all the time, bringing the revolution in the clothes segment. The approach of fashion is going higher and higher adding new basaltic glamour with new prints, designs, patterns, style, and many more. As life is moving at a high pace same fashion is moving like a rocket, making us believe that -the joy of dressing is an art – the new age fashion staples are truly making masses enjoying the art and becoming and an artist.

This is very true that fashion inspires us and it is also true that it is thoroughly inspired by nature and our surroundings, that’s the reason we feel so connected with fashion and easily adapt it with a happy heart. The major ingenuity that fashion got is from the animals. The animal print is a wonderful addition, holds a wow factor, and is loved by everyone. Animal print clothing has patterns of the skin of animals like leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, giraffe, stripe hyena, and African wild. Though animal fashion is coming from ancient times, it has gained great appreciation in this era too. There was on & off the game was happening with animal fashion but now it has made its special strong place among all hues, holds gardening attention now. It exhibits sophistication, style, versatility. Animal prints are the rage of every season and find their way in party wear, casual wear, tops, skirts, nightwear, maternity, etc.

Earlier the animal print was considered expensive and extraordinary; it showed the richness of higher class people and a symbol of wealth. But now the fashion designer has changed the game by bringing animal print to mainstream fashion. This evergreen trend is loved by all and the apparel market is flooded with variety with animal prints. The best thing about animal print is been reinvented time and again and always comes with a new trend every season as it compliments every season – summer, winter, autumn, spring. It always garners attention; looks absolutely perfect but when paired with statement hues and you will find different animal prints in the market that everyone gets a pick of their choice. And while wearing animal fashion keep in mind “less is more” as don’t get dressed in animal print from head to toe, this will keep your look stylish and classy.

Currently, the digitally print animal fabric is highly in demand in the garment industry. They are available in multiple fabrics like velvet, silk, chiffon, polyester, viscose, georgette, satin, cotton, Lycra, etc., all these fabrics are blended to make animal print outfits into stretchable tops and dresses, solid puffed outfits and so much. Animal print is not confined to particular colors. It consists of multi-hued colors that equally make animal print more attractive, astonishing. Whether a dark, bright or light color, the animal print looks perfect on every color. The animal print gives a wild and bold aura to personality and brings out the wild side of human nature.

Oxolloxo fashion holds a solid grip in digital animal print fashion, creating a trend in the fashion game. The oxolloxo fashion hub – The animalistic saga collection has huge trendy animal print outfits. From casual top to western outfits, from animal print nightdresses to maternity to plus size wild print apparel to flamingo animal print shorts, skirts, and tunics it has everything to offer you. Also, the animal print fashion from oxolloxo house is not restricted to women clothing only, the men clothing also has a stud animal print shirts collection. The dapper shirt collection is a must-have addition to the closet. Even the adorable kids’ clothing is also in-game of animal print fashion. The animal print fashion is for everyone and it holds a special place in everyone’s closet. The oxolloxo house is full of life fashion, where you can explore and shop dynamic outfits for women, men, and kids- the latest, trends and styles and so much more.

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