If you are a diva searching for the perfect dress which will catapult you to fashion stardom, then you should consider this Summer investing in a classic LWD (little white dress, duh!).

A white dress is a timeless piece of clothing that can never go out of style. Not only does it suit the hot Indian weather perfectly but it is also inspired by a poetic depiction of serenity. One can never go wrong with a white dress in your closet and our Style Champion confirms that a bright color as such works flawlessly whether you wear it during day or night. Even if your dress is not heavily styled, the soothing white makes up with its classic pure demeanor.

Freshen Up

To flaunt your aesthetic beauty, our Style Champion advises you to be sun-kissed before adorning it. A tan is the perfect complexion to work wonders as too fair a skin tone will bring the focus off your dress and make it look dull. The perfect white dress is a versatile masterpiece which you can dress glam or dress casual depending on the occasion. It looks equally gorgeous with high heels as well as sneakers. Go for minimal makeup & accessories on top and redefine contemporary trends!

NO – Brainer

A white dress can at times give focus to the wrong body parts but that is precisely why every diva out there needs to give utmost attention to which fabric they choose. So give those thin and sheer fabrics a big NO! Enhance your appeal with colorful accessories to make sure you always stand apart from the pack. The perfect color tones for a white dress this season are Red, Pink and Green.

So are you still stuck with your wardrobe from the previous season? Not any longer because we have rallied some of the hottest LWD for you to shop with us.

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