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Shop for our latest crisp oxford printed shirts that inject a new dose of glamour into your everyday look. Our sleek new men’s clothing online is packed with tons of cool off-duty looks that will go with each day of the week this season.


1. Is it okay to wear an animal print men’s shirt as seen in your collection?

Men are enjoying fashion as much as the rest of the world in today’s time so indeed why should your closet not be stylish. Our collection this time has introduced animal-printed men’s shirts which strike a bold new look that defines your unique personality.

2. what if I want something for winter but not very warm?

Our sleeveless quilted jackets are perfect for you as they are made of soft quilted fabric which is super-comfy to wear. Along with flawless tailoring there is a variety of pastels colors for you to choose from and it is definitely on the light side it won’t make you feel too warm.

3. Can I find a men’s shirt without buttons for closure?

If you are searching for a men’s shirt that is effortless as it is smart then you are in luck because our collection features shirts that are full sleeves as well as half sleeves. But not just that, we also have stylish new shirts which come with a zipper closure up to your chest. So the next time you are too lazy to search for something, let us take care of it for you.

4. Are all your men’s shirts denim fabric as shown in the picture?

Denim is a wonderful fabric but it can also be warm and hard to manage during Indian an hot day which is why we also offer faux denim shirts. In some cases, some of our shirts are also made of chambray which is a much cooler fabric but looks exactly like denim. To be sure of what you have your eyes on, always read our Product Description before ordering.

5. I’m going through your size chart but are the men’s pajamas regular fitting?

The men’s nightwear edition we have showcased comes in exquisite fabrics chosen which are comfortable to wear and a delight to be in. Keeping in mind the sole reason it has been made, our men’s pajamas are all relaxed fit so you need not worry about that. Our pajamas are meant to be comfortable to sleep in and not tight at all.

6. Does your men’s nightwear have an elastic waistband?

No our men’s nightwear pajamas all come with a fit-to-size tie-knot at the waist. This allows you to adjust the size as you feel comfortable and also be able to wear the pajamas without worrying if you gain or lose a few pounds.