Spending around the beautiful world, where society has its very judgment on everything. Especially when it comes to fashion – society has a lot to judge. Body shaming, bad fashion sense, ugly, bad, beautiful, there are many factors where fashion has been judged earlier.

This whole reality is suppressed on the fat humans, who wanted to email designers to ask them why their sizing all stopped at XXl, and tell them she also wants to wear clothes that are consciously made and she knows deep in her heart how effortlessly cool she will look. Plus size is never considered properly in the fashion game. It is that part of fashion where fashion doesn’t belong because being plus size means you are firmly told how not dress, not to wear tight clothes, don’t wear loose clothes, horizontal line outfits will make you look more ugly, sleeves less outfits are not made for you, Shorts will make you look heavy, oh! You can’t wear crop tops it looks good only on the flat stomach, backless dresses are meant for thin ladies not for the curvy ones. Well, these are the fashion biasness that every plus-size woman was facing. But now the scenario is changed even fashion has changed its vocabulary. It is not subjected to particular categories, segments, or personalities anymore; it’s now inclined to new thinking of society who doesn’t hold old statements or judgments on someone’s body and fashion.

As fashion rapidly shifts to accommodate the plus-size market and it has made its path in the market too, it has reached its extremes and now the waiflike models are replaced with curvy models- representing identity & prejudices of plus-size women’s, and they are slaying. All in all plus size fashion has evolved now and dramatically as the fashion itself. The rise in plus-size influencer and bloggers’ activities has truly jolted the system and has brought the great personalities, moods, and fantasies of the plus-size customers. Now the plus-size customers wanted to fully participate in fashion. Teenagers are running behind the latest trends, older women are ready to fly in the fashionable outfits which they desire to wear for a longer time. All these happy fashion bells have brought plus-size into consideration and their game is going strong.

Plus size clothing is the fastest-growing segment in apparel and it is at its peak now. The plus-size fashion is not only for plus-size customers, it is donning and enjoyed by general customers too. Wearing loose clothes makes them look cool and trendy, especially college-going girls really liking plus-size fashionable outfits. Even large-scale branded fashion shows are not laid back to the old thin models show runway. Plus size personalities are walking the ramp and breaking all the stereotypes for being called fat. The game is totally changed and it was much needed too because fashion is meant for everyone and everyone deserves fashion, that’s the beauty of it.

Oxolloxo the fashion world has made the wide space and range of plus-size fashion. We have designed it with a view to making fashionable outfits available for everyone. The house consists of stunning plus-size dresses, tops, trousers, tunics, skirts, shorts. The range doesn’t end here- from casual to party wear to stylish to Bardot to backless – the plus size range is all exclusive and makes you slip into the strong fashion game. The collection will make you confident, and rule the world and blend you into the new vision of fashion where judgments don’t exist, you can be yourself and let the world be.

Visit www.oxolloxo.com to explore the flaming collection of plus-size outfits and make you slay game on point and on top. We design you to wear the world that what our collection will make you feel and experience.

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