This new season is going to be fun, after all a trend that genuinely feels fresh has just landed. Enter the magnificent scarf print; the game changing trend is here to break the minimalist mood of summer with its glorious prints.

The scarf print has always been chic, but above all, it signifies prestige. It is not just easy to wear but even creates a signature style of its own.

The S/S 19 runways were flooded with a love for traditional scarf motifs and were showcased to create a paramount collection, from luxurious dresses and glam tops to accented jackets.

All our Style Champion wants to say is: If you are going to invest in a statement top or a voguish dress this season, make it scarf print because this trend is going to be all over the world. Seriously, what is a better way to slay a trend than actually be the trend yourself?



Well our mothers always told us to never do anything half heartedly. So go bold and take the scarf print extreme this season. Also when you dress from head  to toe, it saves you looking for a match to work.
Enhance your look with Boots for that exceptional Audrey Hepburn charm.
Embrace the scarf print for a visually attractive flair, as all the wrong spots will be instantly concealed with its magic-eye design.


Master the scarf print look by not overdoing it, keep it minimal for a maximum impact.
Keep your accessories and makeup simple without going overboard. For those divas who are more daring than the rest, our Style Champion cements here that scarf print is all about highlighting the masterpiece.

If you really are a diva who creates her own fashion style, shop for the latest trend with us.

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