The slit trend is here to stay and we can’t get enough of them this Summer. Carrying off the stylish SLITS is taking a peak at what lies beneath without pushing the envelope being called an “attention seeker”.

Slits or the glamorous cuts have slowly gained momentum and today we find them as a niche in every clothing possible. For the new divas who are still to explore this trend, it is essential you do not end up looking like a human Paneer on display. As temperatures reach a scorching new height in India, it is the perfect time for some extra ventilation.

Moreover, when we see our favourite stars working the slit trend flawlessly, it feels like a reason enough to atleast take the bold step and experiment. So throw your inhibitions away because it does not matter anymore whether you were a Bollywood stunner or a diva just trying to amp up her summer style, showing some skin has never looked classier. Ultimately as our Style Champion rightly puts it, the best way to handle the slit trend is by working it “like you own it”.


Feel the comfort double as an appropriate placed slit will give your body hugging dresses some ease. Also, our Style Champion rightly points out that longline shirts, tunics and dresses all get a sexy makeover as the slit lends an oomph to your look.

With the stylish slit, always go for a vivacious graphic point which disguises the slit to the naked eye. The key to perfection is the right balance here and will always save you from looking like a posh-spaz.


Our Style Champion advises that forces of fashion should never be messed round. Since balance is what works with carrying off slits, keep in mind – if you decide to flaunt your skin on the lower half, the lesser you should showoff below then. Just like for instance, if you’re wearing a maxi dress with a slit up till your waist, it is necessary you pair it with a trouser or palazzo.

Ahead, some stunning slitted pieces from Oxolloxo to get you started.

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