You consider yourself a diva no doubt but if you are looking for ways to be a winter goddess, make sure you add Tartan or at least a variety of plaid to your wardrobe. 


If you thought tartan was any less than the raging animal print, then you should know that the tartan is a fashion chameleon which happens to be chic as well as rebellious. With the trend becoming insanely popular in the 60’s, it was actually the 70’s which gave Tartan a whole new definition with the birth of punk fashion. While everyone was wearing it as a way of protesting no one could refute that it carried a mystical power over high-end designers and even today holds a podium position.

The tartan has always carried a notorious reputation for being a fall print due to its rich yet heavy texture but Oxolloxo is going to prove you wrong again. Ditch the norm and discover tartan print in bright summer pastels and lighter fabrics. While most designers are sticking to the classic, we have given the tartan a much-needed transformation with futuristic checks and crossed lines stealing the show this season.


People love to stick to old school sometimes and go for Tartan rather than experiment. But this exceptionally holds strong for the make gender who find the updated version of Tartan to be nostalgia in a new avatar.

This print has its own charm but is also versatile in nature as it goes excellent with solid overtones but even as a mix-match for the bold dressers.


Our Style Champion suggests to play your cards right and save yourself from a fashion blunder that most don’t even realize. Never wear different coloured tartan with another print in the same tone and you are golden.

Want to try the look for yourself? Pick up a tartan top, night wear or dress that features the classic pattern from Oxolloxo

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