Once upon a time, believe it or not, Corduroy was considered a fashion staple for the geeks, history teachers and the hippies. But fast forward to autumn/winter 2019, this notoriously sexy fabric has somehow wielded its way back to becoming the hottest new trend!


Since 70’s the last few decades have not been too kind on corduroy, but hate it or love, it is very much back. When it is bad, it’s the worse blunder you can commit but if done right the corduroy has a magical essence that can make you look effortlessly glam. All you need to do is take your head out of the sea of animal & floral prints and look past all of that to define a trend in your own way.

The corduroy is also referred to as “thick cotton” and has a wale texture that runs vertically along every outfit. It is known to be a soft yet durable fabric and if you were looking for a style that instantly adds some texture to your look then today can be your lucky day indee

So how can you really work this trend without making yourself look like a 70 year old librarian?


The corduroy can sound very interesting and it really is known for being versatile but our Style Champion reminds to always keep in mind the thickness. This can really be your make-it or break-it decision.

This fabric is known to be fussy and soft but if you style yourself right it can be aesthetically enhancing as well. The fact that it looks brilliant in a variety of colours makes us love it even more!


Trying to be over smart and mixing too many trends is never going to give a good result – remember that. It basically just screams that you are trying too hard to show you have a fashion sense. In the case of corduroy it is the same as well so unless you are Kylie Jenner, listen to our Style Champion and don’t mix trends like corduroy in a neon pop-up hue because it will never work.


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