Ruffles have always been a favorite for the ladies and they may feel feminine but their history is anything but.

The ruffles actually originated in Germany by the war soldiers who returned home but thankfully for us it was transformed into something better. The royals of centuries much after used this ruffle effect to redesign it into a royal fashion trend which is now adorned by celebrities such as Rihanna.


The reason for that is solely because ruffles are not just elegant, they are fun! They strike the right balance between dramatic high fashion and leisure chic wear, and we love them at Oxolloxo this winter. While to most people ruffles might seem like a trend with no purpose, they are still living in a lost world as the greatest function still happens to be : to draw attention. We all live in a digital world where one’s capabilities are often measured on how many followers one has and the ruffles can be a marvelous strategy to prove our point home. In short, ruffles are the perfect strategy this winter if you want to win the fashion Hunger Games like a boss. They are without a doubt feminine and sure to get you noticed like never before!


The ruffles trend is trans-seasonal so summer or winter, these pieces will stay your favorite all year along

Our Style Champion points to the fact that the ruffles are mostly worn along the sleeves or the neckline for an effortless chic vibe.

If you play your cards right, the ruffles are powerful enough to take you from work to after party, just keeping it simple.




The ruffles may be incredibly pretty but they demand serious attention. Keep in mind that most of the times the fabric doesn’t rest flat and may require you to dry clean to get it right.

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