To provide global & personalised fashion experience at affordable prices to all tiers of Indian cities


Who are we?

Oxolloxo is a premium exclusive online Fashion Retailer brand from the house of KPA Apparels Pvt. Ltd. We are a global lifestyle brand that provides quality fashion apparel to our customers worldwide. Our strength lies in our Design and Technology abilities supported by unmatched quality of the product.

How are we different

Our difference comes alive with our name, Oxolloxo, The first fashion palindrome. Pronounce it as 'Oksa Lock So' that will be read right to let and so forth. Oxolloxo will tell you that we are both art and arithmetic, Logic and Literature, Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Sun and Moon.


No matter what your age, shape or size, the contemporary Indian will never run of prints or designs to wear

Our Inspiration

Global styles & runway fashion from around the world, from rich cultures of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc.

We believe that the world's designer is our own Mother Nature, and all of us put together have not unearthed a fraction of her bounty and translated it to wearable fashion. Our journey is all about bringing you a collection driven from the most exciting and extraordinary influences that our Earth has to offer.


One of the few Indian brands to introduce separate ranges for Maternity, Plus Sizes, Beachwear & new-age Men's wear


Quick dispatch & delivery of global, aspirational styles at affordable prices


Dedicated, young professionals who develop wearable ranges according to changing seasons, trends & consumer needs


Ethically-sourced garments for all shapes, sizes & occasions


Our registered trademark company is KPA Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

We are based in: Sector 63, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh

Our Business Partners
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