Fusion Wear

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Make those grand events even more spectacular as we introduce a collection of standout special outfits with our fusion wear online. Sparkle without any drama in your wardrobe as our fusion dresses and other styles give a statement new edge to all your occasion outfits.


1. Is fusion wear only for Indian functions with the family?

Break every stereotype that stops you from dressing the way you want because our fusion wears works magnificently for all kinds of occasions. We have introduced in our collection a variety of styles in a modest silhouette so you stay rooted in your culture while dressing in contemporary silhouettes.

2. Which fabrics have you used in your fusion collection?

We have introduced luxurious new fabrics which give an elegant look when worn so you can feel like a true royal at all times. So be ready to shop fabrics such as silk blend, satin and so much more.

3. Do you have anything new in a dress or tunic to wear to a fancy gala?

Indeed if you feel a simple dress is too mundane for you then you should check out our impeccable royal hue maxi dresses. They come in a gown-like shape which brings serious red-carpet vibes when paired with a nice pair of heels. So if you were looking to make a statement, this dress should already be in your shopping bag.

4. What if I’m short on budget and want a piece I can wear many times?

In that case, you should simply go for one of our chic new tunics, without hesitation. The tunic is a versatile piece of art that not only has your back on casual events but semi-casual as well, depending on how wear it. Plus our fusion collection has revealed all-new graphic prints and fine pastels for you to choose from.

5. What is unique about your fusion collection?

While you might feel most of our styles are basic you would be surprised to know the style features and drama each one of them carries. Along with a new range of luxe fabrics, we have also introduced rich embellishments and intricate embroidery that makes you stand an edge over others always.

6. Can I get something from your collection to wear to work as well?

Oh yes, you can now step up your style barometer by shopping for one of our crisp, vibrant designed blazers and pants. Our Fusion Collection takes pride in showcasing bold hues that create an impact while being effortless. Refer to the Size Chart before you choose to purchase and make this moment count.

7. Are tunics in your collection only good if worn with pants or skirts?

Not at all and we encourage all our divas to experiment and try something new. The tunic indeed can be paired with absolutely everything and that means not just pants or skirts but even leggings which are easier to stock on. But this season you can even wear our tunic as a dress and see if it works out for you.