“This position comes with a salary and non-negotiable hours, no extra benefits, no prior experience or academic brilliance and is for lifelong.”

Would it stun your mind to realize that more than 90 million Indians now hold this position?

Their job position is – Mom.

Our moms are more than just a mother – sometimes they come in the form of our teacher, our best friend, our counselor and many more faces all with the same name “wonder mom”.

That is why mother’s day is a day for celebration all over the world for every mother. And like that tradition, Oxolloxo brings to you ways to make your mother feel the most special on her day!

She is everything.
There comes a point in life where every mother has an insecure feeling that she is not trying or doing enough. With today’s time keeping many working moms occupied 24/7, it is important to let them know however less or more time they have for us is the best thing in the world for us. Appreciate them for every small thing that they do for us.

Take out time.
Time is now and this time once gone will not come again. Use it wisely and savor every moment by spending it with her. Leave your phone in the car or your room and give yourself the opportunity to connect with her face to face, you will notice how good it makes her feel.

The smallest things.
Whether which race, background or ethnicity you belong to, it are the small details which always weight the heaviest when it comes to your mother. So don’t think, whether it is something you especially cook for her or a fancy dinner you treat her to. Make her feel how you celebrate her in small ways or everyday life because it goes a long way.

So this Mother’s Day make your mother feel loved and celebrate her in a way that you have never done before. Whether it’s a small or a big gesture, just making her feel appreciated is a gift enough for her. Take a moment and ponder over the points we just mentioned. Realize that this moment will not be forever and neither will she. Make this day count for all it is worth and make her feel a little more special than usual!

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