The world is crowded with fashion brands. One better than the other. One more fashionable than the other.

In the middle of all this extremely good-looking and global profusion, just why would we make our sudden yet deliberate appearance?

Just why oh why would we raise our completely crazy name up through the earth, and flaunt a smile at you like the first wild daisy of spring.

We believe we have a reason. May be we have more than one reason. 

We believe that we exist to bring a completely different idea into the mix of what’s currently available in the world of fashion. Especially in India.

We certainly need to have a solid reason. A well thought-out and articulate reason. A defined structure, and a refreshing philosophy that allows us a voice that will be heard.

Otherwise why come into the business without a difference? Why exist at all if there isn’t a clear reason to exist? Why be a brand that has no soul or body? 

Our difference leaps alive with our name. Oxolloxo. Pronounce it as ‘oksa lock so’. Or any which way it pleases you. 

It will read right both alphabetically and numerically. Left to right, and right to left. The first fashion palindrome.

Our name will tell you that we are both art and arithmetic. We are logic and literature. We are yin and yang. We are day and night. We are sun and moon. We are this and that. 

We are also East and West. International and Indian. Clothes from across the globe, and at prices that fit local wallets. 

But more than that, we truly represent fashion in its purest form. Whether it’s got to do with colours, or fabric, or patterns, or textures, or cuts, or even material. 

We bring wearable ideas inspired by the trends of the world, and the secrets of the globe. Our eyes pick up whole new palettes and a whole new idiom of expression. 

We look for shades among sunsets and sunrises, we look for hues between oceans and ponds, and we look for colours in the depths of waters and the shadows of jungles.

We look for patterns in the music of Spain and the sands of the Sahara, the rivers of South America and the backwaters of South India, the rolling glens of Scotland and the rustling winds of the Steppes. 

We believe that the world’s awesomest designer is our own Mother Nature. And all of us put together haven’t unearthed a fraction of her bounty and translated it to wearable fashion. 

Our journey is all about bringing you a collection driven from the most exciting, soothing, wonderful, refreshing, breathtaking, and extraordinary influences that our Earth has to offer. 

Punctuated by the lights, dots, spots, lines, stripes, curves and every other rhythm that art, architecture, technology and everything else that mankind has been able to introduce into our days and nights. 

More importantly, we aren’t about limiting ourselves into niches and clichés. We aren’t limited in what we bring to the wardrobes of our country. 

And we aren’t just for the man of the house, the son, the mother, the daughter or the little children bouncing around. 

We want to be a brand that allows a fair spectrum of eco-responsible, beautifully finished, extremely fashionable, and great quality clothes for the entire family.

It’s almost in keeping line with global trends and global living of our times. Which is one more reason that gives credence to the two forces of our name.

We want to be the seeker and finder of your new clothes. And we want to ensure that we bring you the comfort of economy along with elegance, style, cutting edge fashion, and plenty of ease to wear. 

We believe we need to keep building on that for us to be the one brand that you will always have on your side of fashion.
It’s our privilege to welcome you to the globalocal world of Oxolloxo.

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