Say hello to the sunshine, after all the summer has always been the IT season. Just like last summer the crop top made an appearance and if you didn’t own one you were basically fashion impaired. But this new one-shoulder trend has taken the fashion world by storm. This trend has been transformed into numerous styles such as ruffles, frills and is quite the rage nowadays because you can adorn its versatile silhouette’s as a dress, jumpsuit and even beachwear.


In other words let’s not beat around the bush because this is a style that compliments every body shape which was a drawback with other summer trends such as crop tops. The one shoulder style is here to stay and that is why we at Oxolloxo are not just dipping our toe in it but giving you the whole collection to elevate your summer look.

Whether you channel Vaani Kapoor with her statement ruffle top or Deepika Padukone in a floral dress, this trend is sure to make you the season’s chic inspiration. This gorgeous trend is universal for all the divas out there and most importantly it is new and fresh! Regardless of what age or shape one has, your shoulders will never stop looking good.
While the one-shoulder trend is making all the divas in love with it, our Style Champion advises that this style is rather difficult to pull off. Mainly because it requires a strapless bra to be worn with it and that can turn out to be quite impractical when layered with others. The biggest challenge which most girls forget but YOU should not is that your top or dress may be a task to handle. It is obvious you will move your arms and when you do that, it will immediately make the garment shift up. This is not savvy as you can end up revealing more then you want or even worse – strangle yourself around the neck.

Here are a few chic Oxolloxo creations that will ensure you are on trend this season.

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