The last year was undoubtedly ruled by the ubiquitous cold shoulder top, but the Summer of ’19 has all the reasons for you to steal the spotlight! After all there is a new fashion contender in town: the statement sleeves. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, statement sleeve tops & dresses are taking over every diva’s glamour wardrobe.

  • This season is all about redefining fashion. From bell-shape and bishopstyle and ruffle-effect and off-the shoulder and balloon-puff, there is enough variety to make sure statement sleeves aren’t going anywhere!
  • So go for the trend everyone is mad about because we aren’t complaining and our Style Champion shares with you exactly how to do it right.



– When you are choosing which stylish sleeves to go for, shop for exquisite styles which are flamboyant in their appeal.
– Cold Shoulder structures, bell-shape flares as well as ruffle designs are trending hot this season.
– Our Style Champion also reveals the hidden secret here is to perfect the rest of your attire with something minimal.
Experience a gorgeous fashion streak like no other when you are bang-on trend each time in a subtle silhouette crafted with neutral color palette here.


•In this beautiful world of chaos, small pleasures in life often feel like a blessing from nature. That is why sometimes instead of worrying about the trend in the world; a diva just wants a simple goddamn blouse. So I suggest –follow your heart, because statement sleeves can turn out to be cumbersome. This is not something everyone is looking for if you are saying for instance going on a flight!
•Being a fashion icon is a 24*7 passion, so keep in mind while adorning statement sleeves not to go over the top with makeup and accessories. Your style powered sleeves are all you need to be doing all the talking for you.
Infuse some drama into your wardrobe when you shop our grooviest statement sleeves of the moment.

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