With a versatile fluidity and lustrous shine, the Satin brings elegance to the autumn’19 fashion. The satin has always been referred to as a luxurious fabric, only suited for the higher classes.

In fact when it originated in China thousands of years ago, it was an expensive fabric to create hence only the wealthy could get their hands on it. But when the 1900’s happened, bam, suddenly you could find Satin as a mandatory textile with starlets as well as high profile ladies who liked flaunting their figures in slinky satin dresses. It was during this time that the world woke up to satin as a sexy and smooth fabric, perfect for undergarments and sleep wear, fit for the Gods & Goddesses.

Fast forward to 2019 and satin has long gone from an evening relaxed wear to day wear dressing. It is a fairly common sight to see our Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt or Katrina Kaif adorning this high-shine fabric for an instant dose of glamour this autumn/winter. Even today with development of fabrics making it more affordable than ever, we are sure satin is going to transcend beyond just a seasonal trend and catapult your style quotient to new heights.


Our Style champion knows how tricky satin outfits can get which is why you should never go over the top with them. Don’t add extra bling such as accessories and the minimal you keep it, the maximum the impact will be this autumn.

If a satin dress is too much hype for a day function for you, try opting for satin seperates instead which work well in striking the right chord.


You may be a diva with a golden heart but you are not Lady Gaga which is why we emphasize on never using dark tones of lip colour if you are planning on wearing satin during the daytime. There are certain things in fashion that never go together and this is one of them.

Satin maybe a lush fabric but our Style Champ brings home a point that it is also a hard fabric to manage if you are in the sun in Indian summers. Avoid wearing it out on hot days and save yourself the uneasiness of a fashion disaster waiting to occur.

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