While style remains eternal, trends can drive us crazy with their change. But if there is one trend that rarely leads to disappointment is the monochrome

Like many mere mortals if you too feel that monochrome dressing actually refers to black and white then it is time to take the blue pill and wake up!

Monochrome actually really means to adorn separate of any one hue, any hue that might be. Now we know getting dressed in one-tone attire might sound a bit stressful at first but the reality is quite on the contrary. Why, thy wonders?
Simple, because you don’t have to fret about mixing and matching or what compliments the other. All you have to do is choose a stunning colour and create your outfit in accordance to it.

It is time the Indian divas cleaned up their acts! Our Style Champion brings you the classiest fashion tricks for you to look savvy this season without spending a fortune. When it comes to fashion, monochromatic dressing means wearing various clothing just like an outfit based on one colour tone. While this can be mentally exhausting at times, wearing a single hue is not only easier but also more elegant. It is all about being experimental and rediscovering a side of you did not know existed. This season let your style do the talking because in a monochrome outfit, you will look just as striking as a bold one.


Our Style Champion suggests wearing various layers of different textures and colour will automatically enhance your look and give it a certain depth. Try it for example if you want an outfit to focus on your face, choose one of our bottoms with a dark hue and use a lighter tone on the top. You will be surprised at the effect.

To be real, monochromatic outfits have been notorious for making your figure elongated which also happens to be the reason why it’s a perfect choice for petites. The rest of the body shapes we admit have to tread carefully, but it works! Always wear a lighter colour on the part of your body you want to flaunt and a dark shade for where you want less attention.


We agree that while the monochrome trend is simple and much more elegant, many people still dub the same colour story to be way too predictable and boring.

The trend our Style Champion agreed can be rather tricky as well. If you try too hard with the monochrome look, you might just end up looking like a French nun. But if you don’t try enough, you just as well end up looking like a waitress at an empty restaurant. The solution is simple though, look for the right tone that defines your style and go with the flow!

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