Welcome to the 21st Century ladies where everything can go viral and when a polka dot print dress from Zara lands on the internet, all hell broke loose.

Not only did this viral dress have its own Instagram handle but almost every one complimented the design and off course it’s fitting. But no one mentioned anything about the print, which actually can be the most essential factor in all of this.

There are still some of us who feel the polka dot print reminds us of vintage Minnie Mouse cartoons and everything old, well it is time to think again!

It strikes the perfect balance of sheer fun and elegance which allows you to adorn this print at formal and informal gatherings. This season the polka dots are no longer limited to just typical black and white dots and we feel they are an excellent way to brighten up your look effortlessly.


While the polka dots print can be fun our Style Champion points out that there is a clear difference between looking playful and looking like a disaster. But for those divas out there who are tired of the florals everywhere, the polka dots are a refreshing new change and you should not be shy of experimenting this season because it does give a twist to your outfits.

Pay attention because this is where most so-called style divas screw up. If you are looking at a formal affair, always go for small polkas that give a clean look. If you are looking to make a bold statement then big or any mix of polka is sure to get you noticed.


Trying off course the polka dot print might look easy-to-wear but on the contrary can look quite out of place for the uninitiated. If you are new to this trend, ease in with a top or a small piece to test the game first.

While this print has taken over the fashion world by storm, there are still many out there who relate it to the vintage 1950’s era vibe or just feel it is too childish a print to wear.

Pep up your wardrobe with the groovy polkas from Oxolloxo’s latest edit

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