Oh yes, we are talking about the Snake Print that has slithered its way straight on to the hangers of your favourite clothing stores. I think it is safe to say that the snake print has claimed its ground and we are definitely not getting tired of it anytime soon.

Even though you would see plenty of animal prints this winter, but none will make an appearance more than the snake print. While you could follow in Kardashian’s footsteps and take it to a whole new level, this print is certainly not for the unadventurous. But that’s nothing to get all moody over because Oxolloxo can inspire you to wear this trend effortlessly as your everyday glam-look. So whether you feel like wearing a cool snake print top or a defined snake print dress, there’s something for everyone we have this season!

Step aside and let the serpentine trend take over because the snake print reaches far beyond just the catwalk. Now even you can be Instagram ready and showoff your #OOTD in style like never before.


The snake print can still be classified as a neutral in most cases and the colour palette with a mix of hues really shows how well this trend goes with anything and everything you wear.

While most of you would have never thought of it, our Style Champion correctly points out that the snake print is an excellent way of breaking stereotypes from stunted solids.



The snake print, as sexy and as glamorous it maybe is certainly NOT for the less daring.

This trend may be inspiring to some but stay alert because this print can get tricky if it doesn’t cohesive with the colours you adorn.

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