Welcome to the zoo edit! With the spring/summer of 2019 on the horizon, animal print is not just a style anymore – it has become a trend defining movement.

Animal Print has always carried a bold rap and over the decade it has become a style uniform for the daring, the sexy, the provocative diva. Whether it was Kareena Kapoor in a leopard top or Bella Hadid working her charm in a leopard suit set.

Which also happens to be the reason why we love it so much. After all since when was “sexy” a bad thing? Few of us will ever adorn a bustier and thigh high boots, but a leopard printed top? That is just the right dose of femme fatale you need this season. 
When it comes to leopard print, “old is gold” in every true sense. The magnificent pattern has been carried down by generations dating back to ancient Egyptians who used real pelts which were extremely rare and then the women created leopard stencil prints onto the linen sheaths. Even the African leaders were seen decked up in animal layers to flaunt their authority while on the other side Napoleon’s men trimmed their battle gear in leopard skin to seal the print as a daring and confident image.
But knowing how to wear an animal print brings us to a very clear unsaid law: wear it like any BLACK clothing you have. Indeed this may sound too good to be true but putting on any animal print outfit instantly enhances your look. 


As rightly mentioned by us before, you need to do your own thing and use leopard print just like any other neutral color that adorns your closet. Our Style Champion suggests you can create magic when you pair it with other prints such as stripes and checks. 

At the same time flowing dresses that drop down below the knee are both easy to wear as well as elegant to look at. Pair it with a nice pair of leather boots to perfect the look with grace. At the same time, a leopard print blouse paired with a solid hue trouser or denim is a treat for the eyes. If you do something, do it with panache and with Oxolloxo that is always the style we carry.


To break the rules, you must first learn to master them.

That is why our Style Champion advises that the key to making an animal print work in your favor lies all in the silhouette that you choose. A bold leopard printed bottoms or top will instantly glam up your all-solid attire. But avoid mini dresses and skirts as they can be categorized into risky territory. They might end up looking cheap and high street fashion will not be able to help you out here.


Our exclusive picks of the coolest pieces in the beloved print of the season:

Working with our Style Champion can be a transformational experience for you. Having tasted success in countries such as Paris, Rome & Moscow, our expert can give you the right advice on which trend defines your personality. You can always count on getting a great fitting that will elevate your style statement to the next level and beyond.

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