Up until recent times, the tie-dye was just a term known by designers. But then Beyonce wore it during one of her vacation, Dree Hemingway adorned the print for an awards function and Justin Beiber wore it for a day at Church. The rest as we all know is history. In fact, last season Prada and Stella McCartney shone the runway and high street fashion to confirm us that tie-dye is very much back!

With the industry adapting to more and more sustainable fashion, it comes as no surprise why it has become the new rage nowadays. For us at Oxolloxo, the tie-dye is a reflection of freedom and future. The beauty of tie-dye remains in the unpredictable outcome which makes the result all the more anticipated. As they say, the unknown is what the present is all about.


Our Style Champion advises to use tie-dye as a fashion enhancer when you pair it up with a nice pair of denims. Avoid opting for ripped or distressed denim and keep it subtle and classy.

Like every diva, your individual personality needs to showcase in what you wear. Which is why our advice on HOW to wear tie-dye is that you can wear it any frickin way!
The tie-dye is also notorious for giving a casual, grungier style to your look. That is why our Style Champion advises that it is extremely important that you polish your look with a well tailored silhouette.
Tie-dye is here to slay no doubt but it is also not the perfect choice for a work environment or an over traditional event. Hence stick to the basics and you will never go wrong.
Trendy yet a blast from the past, the tie-dye may sound like the perfect summer blessing but actually is a trend from the past awoken before it falls asleep again.

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